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Bottega, Hickory NC

Rebound Massage Therapy, Hickory NC

Narrow and Nosh Cafe, Newton NC

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B.L. says, "I have purchased many of Lesli Garvett's paintings.  Her work brings happiness into our home.  The colors and subject matter are very uplifting!"

"Lesli's paintings are phenomenal and whimsical.  I own three and each is unique.  My favorite is of two people sharing a morning cup of coffee.  Lesli captured two personalities deep in thought as they linger over their coffee.  Another of her works is a painting of a woman whom I describe as classically sassy.  I get positive vibes from her in the morning as I prepare to leave for work and conquer the day. In contrast, I enjoy the wistful Girl in Blue.  She sit over my desk and is quiet and contemplative, reflecting peace in my life. When I have more wall space, I hope to fill it with Lesli Garvett's artwork."  R.E.

"I don't have the words to express how much I love Lesli Garvett's art and creative mind.  It is whimsical, quirky, vibrant and meaningful.  Lesli created four original pieces of art to celebrate my husband's milestone birthday.  He has a love of Cheerios and I wanted to gift him Cheerio-themed presents.  I'm so appreciative of her dedication to create something fun, funny and unique. If I could, I would fill my walls with her work!"  L.F.

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